Never good enough.

I should cheer up though, because I’m seeing the precious in two days. at least there’s one thought keeping me sane.

I’m so done with today.

I feel lonely and useless and ugly and my hair sucks balls because I’veĀ  got to wash it real bad but I can’t and it pisses me off.

Going nuts.

Businessman trying to hit on me. Srsly? I’ll stuff your macbook pro up your arse


One of these days where I rather slice my wrists than get out of bed. It’s too warm to sleep though

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Everyone reblog if you speak Dutch, like live in Holland or Belgium. I want to know how much Dutch speaking people there are on tumblr, because I think they are rare :)

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I had some quality time with a Zebra today.

London Zoo tomorrow yay

Rise and rise,until lambs become lions

Airplane last afternoon, hotelroom last night. In love, totally in love with this country.

You know how weird it is to see your messages being sent from Lansdown terrace instead of my own stupid city where I live at. YOU KNOW HOW PLEASING IT IS TO HEAR BRITISH ACCENTS AND ENGLISH EVERYWHERE. YOU KNOW HOW FUN IT IS TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT TOO.

Never coming back bye


it’s one of these nights.

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Submit Confessions Here


Submit ConfessionsĀ Here

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