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showing off my new clothes.

showing off my new clothes.

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first uni books arrived, first day tomorrow, first day of work at the 19th, probably going to see ADTR with the boyfriend, in UK, and I got myself some new clothes.

Happy happy happy.

Bye stupid moodswings, go fuck yourself.

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Anonymous said: Boo, your life sucks. And this isn't Twitter.

blah blah blah. This also isn’t hateforum. get a life.

you don’t have to be a douchebag, could as well just tell me you’re done with me.

I feel like I’m a bother to everyone, even the boyfriend. Like I annoy the shit outta him.

cold, tired, done.

so there’s no money for me to do anything but it’s totally okay to pay for my sister’s boyfriend’s education, while they’re only 7 months together. oh, and he buys her cigarettes and drugs. So yeah, continue paying for the little shit, I’ll just pay everything.

aaaand I feel like crap again. Woohoo.

boyfriend is using the Dutch For Dummies to talk to me in dutch. I have never seen anything more adorable than that.


My ideal relationship is like:

Be cute together
Be cute together
Be cute together
Be cute together

*repeat as necessary*

^got it

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Please? // 18,709 notes 

;) : I would date you.

∆: I would marry you.

*: You’re cute.

: You’re hot

©: I like you.

≈: I love you.

ß: I have a crush on you.

^: I want to be your friend.

Ω: I hate you.

◊: I like your blog.

∏: I would fuck you.

√: Die in a fire.

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